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Service and troubleshooting is our specialty.  With a strong background in the service sector we are capable and efficient with troubleshooting and diagnosing your electrical troubles.  From controls to replacing ballasts, receptacles, switches and more we have you covered.  

Is your panel board area a mess or ceiling areas cluttered with extra cables?  We will come in and clean up your mess to make future renovations and service work easier, cleaner and more efficient.  

Ask us how we can help your in your home or business!

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Common issues we deal with:

-  Broken receptacles

-  Ballast replacement

-  GFCI failure / installation

-  Arc fault installations and trouble shooting

-  Controls wiring and devices

-  Faulty breakers

-  Faulty transformers

-  Motors and motor controls

-  Electrical system inspections

-  Code upgrades

-  Circuit problems

-  Ground faults

-  UPS and battery problems

-  Preventitive maintenance

-  Fuse replacement

And much more...